3 Steps to Filing a Roof Damage Insurance Claim

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Insurance


Hail damage or wind damage to your roof? Not sure how to go about the process of an Insurance Claim on your roof? Don’t be intimidated by this process! Your insurance company has fiscal and legal obligations to return your property to the condition it was before the storm. This is one of the main reasons you pay a premium month after month and year after year.  Even though it is an expensive undertaking for the insurance industry, they take a common risk that you have paid for!

Let’s take a look at the 3 steps to filing a roof damage insurance claim. 

Step 1: Contact a GREAT Roofing Contractor

The first step after a storm is to find a highly reputable contractor in your area. When looking online, look for reviews, certifications, and mentions of licensing in your state. You’re not just searching for estimates, you are looking for the contractor that will offer you the best and most warranted products and services.

Once you have found a contractor that you can trust, have them come to your property to complete an inspection. They will most likely take pictures to be thorough for their case to the insurance agency. The roofing contractor is on your side when it comes to making sure your home is repaired as it should be.

If needed, ask the roofing contractor to complete any temporary repairs on your home. The insurance company does not want to pay for more damages if they can be prevented.

Step 2: Contact Your Insurance Company

Next, contact your insurance company to start your claim. The insurance adjuster will come out to your home to assess the damage as well. Encourage your roofing contractor to be there when the insurance adjuster comes to your home to help point out all of the damage. 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions! You must go over the details to fully understand what damages are being approved by your insurance company.

After the insurance adjuster collects all of the information, your insurance company will issue a repair estimate to your roofing contractor.

Step 3: Expedite the Claim Process

Once your claim has been reviewed, you can start making decisions about colors and

styles. You should only have to make (2) decisions in this process; the color of materials

used on your home and the contractor you want to work with. You must sign an agreement with your roofing contractor to start the repair process on your home.

Your roofing contractor will take care of all paperwork that is required to complete all the repairs

outlined in your insurance adjusters estimate. If the estimate from your insurance

company is determined not to be complete for all your repairs, your roofing contractor will meet

your insurance companies’ representative and assist you in recovering all compensation

to complete the repairs to your home.

Once all paperwork is complete with the insurance company, and all selections of

materials for your home are done, and you will be put on the roofing contractor’s schedule to complete all repairs promptly.

The roofing contractor is usually paid once the work is completed. If there are any additional costs, the roofing contractor will invoice the insurance company, who then will issue funds to you. You will then use those funds to pay the roofing contractor.

Key Reminders

Note that there is a time limit to file your claim that is based on your insurance company. Usually, this is within 6 months to a year, but the sooner the better. Call your insurance company as soon as the roofing contractor confirms the damage.

Your insurance company will analyze all damage costs and allow a fair monetary settlement based on replacement value. This insurance money is designed to hire a professional roofing contractor to complete repairs to your home. 

Your out-of-pocket expense should NEVER exceed your deductible.

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